It started by example with my Dad in my early years. He was a Wisconsin outdoors-man, and the many businesses he started ranged from owning and running cheese factories, raising Black Angus cattle, harvesting lumber and operating sawmills, and for much of his work life he was a pipeline contractor. Finally, after retiring, he became a ginseng farmer!

Well, I’m not quite that entrepreneurial, but his work ethic certainly rubbed off on me as I worked for him in many of those businesses during Summers, and learned how to work hard and to use all kinds of tools. 🙂

I enjoy making things, in particular from wood. I was a model maker and tinkerer as a child, but my first taste of woodworking was in high school shop class, and it has continued all of my life. I’ve always called myself a woodworker, even during the years I was raising a family. The last several years I have gotten much more serious about woodworking, voraciously reading, studying, and taking classes. I truly enjoy making one-of-a-kind furniture with veneers, inlay, beading, etc. I especially enjoy making furniture for churches, chapels, and other religious organizations.

The resurgence of hand tool woodworking over the past decade, combined with modern power woodworking equipment, allows WoodWisher Designs to produce furniture much better than “factory quality”. Working with your dreams or designs, your furniture will be solidly built to last a lifetime, with care taken for good proportion and using the grain to accentuate the design. Then we finish the piece in a way that fits your lifestyle and actual use.

I am truly blessed to be able to work with wood, and to be able to transform it into something truly beautiful and useful. I am also privileged to have worked with other talented craftspeople that specialize in carving and other mediums. They are available when needed to create specialized pieces for your home, business, or religious organization.

Please feel free to call or contact me with any questions about your needs to make your furniture dreams come true. Thank you!

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